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Learning about the Medicine Wheel

William and his classmates spent time learning about Medicine Wheels and their significance. William enjoys learning about other cultures and the symbology and meanings associated with those cultures. William really enjoys learning about First Nations, Norse, and Japanese cultures. The class was asked to create their own Medicine Wheels that showed meaning and significance for their lives. William created an art project that showcases a conglomeration of  symbology from different cultures that resonate with him. In this poster are the following symbols and their meanings, according to William. 

Wolf (blood moon, Yin): Royalty, Humility, Rage, Courage, Black-Darkness.  

Kitsune - Japanese fox (full moon, Yang): Trickster, Beauty, Normalcy, Love, White-Light.

Tree (Norse mythology-Yggdrasil: Tree of Life, Medicine Wheel- Circle of life): The tree represents life and death. Its roots represent the circle of life and the ongoing movement of time going forward.  

Serpent (Jörmungandr in norse mythology): Represents the rebirth and renewal in nature and goes hand in hand with the circle of life. 

Deer (Norse mythology): The deer is symbolic of the four stags that eat from the world tree in norse mythology. The rainbow antlers represent the four seasons. William mentioned that the deer also represents the staff member who has worked with him for the last three years: “she pushes me.” The ‘pushes’ that William mentioned have helped him break out of his shell over the last three years.

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