Superintendent Letter

Reflections - June

Sharing a sense of pride as we reflect on an exceptional year

A Message from the Superintendent


As the end of this school year approaches, the Board of Trustees and Central Office team would like to express our deep gratitude for all that has been achieved in schools across our division. Our Chinook’s Edge school communities rallied through a tide of challenges that ebbed and flowed throughout this past school year. Everyone was determined to ensure meaningful learning took place each day, through hard work, resilience and goodwill.


Our schools are filled with educational leaders who ensure a safe and caring environment for all students. They are all committed to our divisional goals: Academic Excellence, Career Connections and Social Emotional Well-being, which we firmly believe are key to student success as they progress through the grades and throughout their lives. Chinook’s Edge has generated clear strategies to support every student in their learning journey and to create an upward momentum that helps them realize their hopes and dreams.


Thank you to our students, our teachers and our entire Chinook’s Edge team for your hard work throughout the year, and to parents and community partners who are engaged in learning alongside us. Chinook’s Edge students are surrounded by people who truly care about them and about their success. Thank you for challenging, encouraging and believing in each one of them. Enjoy your summer!


Kurt Sacher

Superintendent of Schools


We would love to hear your thoughts on this month’s parent survey: What comes to mind when you think of your child’s school experience this past year? Remember to visit our Assurance for Parents page for regular updates!


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May 2022 A Message from the Superintendent

Ensuring the highest levels of safety in our schools
A Message from the Superintendent


Chinook’s Edge has an outstanding record of meeting safety standards in our schools, and our annual safety audit shows our division’s steadfast commitment. Our staff and students are mindful of maintaining the detailed safety protocols that are embedded in our division culture. This means that, while we continue to deal with the ebb and flow that the pandemic has required of us, our attention to our safety program is strong.


We are very grateful to everyone in our school communities for working to maintain our high standards of safety. We strive for optimum safety levels throughout our division because we care about the people in our buildings – our students, staff, parents, volunteers and guests – and this priority ensures everyone continues to thrive in our safe and caring schools.


Kurt Sacher



We would love to hear your thoughts on this month’s parent survey at this link.


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Supporting Students Towards Success - March 2022

Supporting students towards success

A Message from the Superintendent


This month’s newsletter theme of ‘Assessment’ provides a perfect opportunity to share our pride in the accomplishments and resilience of our students and staff.


Chinook’s Edge takes great pride in telling the story of our student success, even at this time when the pandemic has disrupted traditional assessment measures. This year we have been focused on determining what each of our students need from us to be successful in the next steps of their learning journey. Our teachers and school staff are working tirelessly to address the impact of three consecutive years of learning disruptions. We are funneling our energy to ensure students have reached the essential outcomes and achieved the skills that are critical for their success at the next course level. Our teachers are experts in identifying, intervening and providing the supports a student may need.


The signs of success this year are not necessarily coming from test results and provincial assessments. They are seen in the caring relationships we have maintained with students, in the determination we share to respond to student needs, and in the fact that we have kept kids in school for the majority of the pandemic. We will get back to traditional measures of student success, with the strength of our caring culture and quality learning in Chinook’s Edge, and we will get there quickly. 


For now, parents of Grades 5-12 students can see their child’s progress 24/7 through the PowerSchool app and all parents are encouraged to connect with your child’s teacher to fully understand how they are doing. 


As we work together toward student success and achievement, we would love to hear from you! In this month’s parent survey, we invite you to share a brief story about how a teacher, administrator or other school staff made a difference for your child.


Kurt Sacher

Superintendent of Schools


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Sharing our Values - February 2022


Sharing our values each day

A Message from the Superintendent 


In Chinook’s Edge we are proud of our mission and vision statements, which continue to guide our every effort. This year more than ever, teachers and school staff have relied upon these words that guide our relationships, inform our work together, and impact the potential of each student. We all place a high value on relationships in Chinook’s Edge and, although we have been challenged to maintain our usual high level of connectedness, we see many examples of our strength as a connected team of staff, students and families.


With respect to parents, we are proud of a number of ways we are connecting in a meaningful way:

  • Despite restrictions in our buildings, many of our schools are seeing strong participation in virtual School Council meetings. 
  • Schools are also reporting a positive response to the new Parent Teacher Interview module provided through our new websites. 
  • Grade 5-12 students and parents are accessing PowerSchool to see continual updates of student progress. 
  • Our bus families are using a new app that allows our Transportation Team to communicate in real time each day – which is particularly vital during a cold season where every minute counts if you are waiting outside on a rural road. 
  • Collaborating with our Parents Matter Committee continues to provide a meaningful exchange of ideas.


Being connected to our parents and to one another is key to our success in many ways. It has never been more important for us to remain understanding of each other, as we continue reaching towards the aspirations contained within our mission and vision statements so that all students can achieve success.


We would love to hear your thoughts through this month’s parent survey – what word or phrase describes what you value most about your child’s school?


Kurt Sacher

Superintendent of Schools


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Chinook’s Edge School Division will engage every student in meaningful learning by challenging, encouraging and believing in them.



Chinook’s Edge School Division will be universally recognized as a collaborative learning community where learning is personalized for all students to achieve success 

as compassionate and innovative global citizens.

Return to School January 10


Students Return To In-Person Learning On Monday, January 10, 2022 January 6, 2022 


As you may be aware, the Alberta government has announced a return to in-person learning on Monday, January 10th. 

The Alberta government has assured us that by the end of next week the promised at-home rapid tests and additional masks for students will be available. Your school will provide you with information on distribution once their shipment has arrived. Details on the current state of COVID-19 in Alberta are available on the provincial government website. 

Please ensure that your child is completing the Alberta Health Daily Checklist prior to going to school, and remains at home if they are sick. 

For parents choosing to volunteer in a classroom or school (this includes coaching extra-curricular activities) please revisit AP 4-33 to ensure you are aware of the expectations to rapid test if you are not fully vaccinated. 

Given the unpredictability of the latest wave of this pandemic, it is important that I make parents aware that we anticipate temporary situations where we might either have a shortage of staff and/or a significant number of students absent in a particular class, a particular grade, or a particular school. As a result, we are encouraging all families to be prepared for their child’s class, grade level, or school to temporarily be shifted to online learning at home. We will give as much notice as possible. These decisions are typically communicated the day before, however, in some rare cases, we may be forced to communicate the morning of. 

We would also like to make our parents aware that the Alberta government has canceled January 2022 diploma exams across the province. 

During high school exam week, in courses that require a final exam, Chinook’s Edge School Division will be employing a ‘hold harmless’ approach where a final assessment may be used to improve a student's grade, but the mark will be exempted if detrimental to the student’s grade. Additionally, high school teachers will be focused on ensuring every opportunity to complete course curriculum in support of student success, despite any disruption that may occur as a result of student or staff absenteeism. 

We are excited to have your children back in our schools. We do our best work in a face-to-face learning environment whenever that is possible. 

Thanks again for your patience as we make our way forward. 

Yours truly, 

Kurt Sacher 

Superintendent of Schools

Compassionate and Innovative Global Citizens - December 2021

Compassionate and Innovative Global Citizens

A Message from the Superintendent

Chinook’s Edge students, staff and families continue to show incredibly strong and courageous examples of good citizenship. Our schools are filled with people who are achieving success despite competing priorities, who are reaching out with acts of kindness, and who are investing their time and resources to make this holiday season a special one for their neighbours.
In Chinook’s Edge, we believe citizenship involves the character of an individual and their
respect for the greater societal good. Our division is filled with compassionate and innovative
global citizens, just as it is outlined in our vision statement. We take good care of one another in Chinook’s Edge, as we look beyond our current global challenges with a sense of unity and resolve.
Our Board of Trustees and Central Office team are incredibly grateful for the hard work and
perseverance that is ever-present in our schools. We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday

Kurt Sacher
Superintendent of Schools

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Welcome to Kindergarten!

Beginning in January, Chinook’s Edge will be accepting Kindergarten registrations for the 2022-2023 school year. Children must turn five years old by December 31, 2022 to begin attending Kindergarten in the fall of 2022. Online registration will begin in early January – please visit our website for registration information, including the Chinook’s Edge schools that offer PreKindergarten programming.