Enhanced Services

  • CESD contracts CR-RCSD/Alberta Health services to provide access to Physiotherapists, Vision and Deaf/Hard of Hearing Consultants. CESD also has its own team of enhanced service providers consisting of: Clinical Psychologist, Occupational Therapist and Speech-Language Therapist. These professionals are highly trained and experienced in working with complex and diverse student populations and families. Our Therapists provide our school teams with whole-class and individual consultations, assessments and recommendations to be delivered by Teachers with the support of EA staff.
  • All programming is supervised and monitored by therapists. The school does not provide 1-1 therapy.
  • Families requiring extra assistance must access private services through FSCD.

RCSD Alberta Health Team

Physical Therapist: Tracey Numrich

Consultants for the Visually Impaired: Danille Gukert

Consultants for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing:  Carrie Luckwell

Audiologist: Carol Johnson

CESD Team:

Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP): Leslie Yandel

Occupational Therapist (OT): Jan Gervai